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What if a Squirrel got Inside My House?

There are many different avenues through which a Myrtle Beach squirrel might enter your home. Most of the time this happens in the attic or walls. However, there are times when a wild animal accidentally ends up in your bedroom, kitchen, or living room. This can be very startling to discover. The South Carolina squirrel will most likely be just as scared to see you as you are to see it. Try to stay calm and follow some simple procedures for getting control of the situation.

Contain the Animal
If you are in a room that can be closed off, get out and close the doors that lead into the rest of the house. If the room is open, like a kitchen, close all the doors to bedrooms and bathrooms. The goal is to limit the amount of access this animal has to your home. The more hiding spaces it has available, the harder it will be to get it out of your South Carolina home.

Give the Squirrel a way out
The Myrtle Beach squirrel got in, so it must have a way to get out. If it came in through a small entrance, make a bigger one for it to get out. A window is a lot easier to find than a little crevice in the wall. Open all the windows in the room with the animal and any doors that lead to the outside. Be sure to take the screens out of the windows, as well. With any luck, the South Carolina squirrel will be anxious to get back out into its familiar environment.

Avoid Contact
There is always a possibility that a wild South Carolina animal will bite out of fear. Do not attempt to handle the animal in any way. There can also be dangerous diseases that will transfer during a bite. If you get bit, get emergency care immediately. Make sure any children or pets are safely in another room or out of the house altogether. Think about arrangements to stay with friend or family for the night if the Myrtle Beach squirrel cannot be removed in a timely manner.

If you cannot get the South Carolina squirrel to exit the home, you will need to make plans to trap it. You can get traps at the local hardware store, or call a wildlife professional for help. A live trap will need to be baited with an attractive food item to loud the squirrel in. Once the animal is trapped, take it outside or ask a wildlife specialist where you should release it. If you hire a professional to catch it, the relocation and release may be included in the service.

There can be some stress involved when a wild Myrtle Beach animal makes an appearance in your home. Try your best to stay calm and think clearly about your options. There are plenty of places to call for help. The solution can also be accomplished yourself with some careful planning. Once you rid yourself of the unexpected guest, clean up and try to secure the entrance point.

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