What is a Maternity Colony?

Most of us are not real big fans of the Myrtle Beach bat. This is quite understandable. Bats are horrific looking animals that carry a great number of diseases, making them very scary and dangerous to have around. It is for this reason that many fear that a South Carolina bat will get into their home and create a colony in their attic that will turn their home into a nightmare. It is a perfectly understandable fear.

What many people do not consider is that your home is really not a home to every kind of South Carolina bat. Most male bats do not enjoy a living in people’s homes. They much prefer the great outdoors, like a living hanging from a tree, than hanging from a beam inside your home. This is just a fact of how bats survive at least male ones. This is not true of the female bat however. The female bat and their young would prefer to live in a much more secure and isolated home than the male Myrtle Beach bat would. This is why your attic becomes the perfect spot for a female bat to have her children and feel safe about it.

During the summer time, female Myrtle Beach bats we’ll try to find their way into people’s houses so that they can have their young. Often a large group of females will look for the same home to continue the birthing process. These colonies of female bats are referred to as “maternity colonies.” Maternity colonies are primarily found in South Carolina little brown and big brown bats. In these Colonies of the female bats we’ll go inside a person’s home, usually in the attic, give birth to their young and raise them there until the children are ready to head out of the house to live on their own.

You will usually find that bats are creating these maternity colonies in April or May, during the prime breeding season, and that the pups are usually born sometime around June or July. When this occurs, what it is telling you is that these South Carolina house bats may live in your home for four or five months. This is obviously something you do not want, and can really ruin your home. If you find that you have a maternity colony in your home and you are having difficulty getting rid of the bats at least you can take solace in knowing but they will be leaving sometime around September to go in hibernate. It is at that point that you need to ensure that they cannot get in your Myrtle Beach home again.

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