Myrtle Beach Wildlife and Animal Removal

Killing Feral Hogs

If you live in an area where feral Myrtle Beach hogs are prevalent, you probably are aware of just how destructive they can be. They can tear up your yard and garden, get into your trash, and create a general disturbance on your property. They may also threaten your pets or even your family if they become aggressive. If you have a feral hog problem on your property, you will want to take care of it sooner rather than later. There are several options available, but many people choose to kill the feral hogs to eradicate the problem completely. There are several ways of doing that, as described below.

It is definitely important to be very proactive, considering the fact that feral South Carolina hogs breed at a very fast rate. They have two offspring a year, with up to a dozen piglets in each litter. You can choose to get a shotgun yourself and go hunting. This is a good method, especially during hot summers when feral hogs don't move a lot during the day. Of course, hunting hogs alone will not be enough to achieve sufficient results, so it is necessary to use other methods as well. One other such method is shooting Myrtle Beach feral hogs from the air (helicopter). This is a very effective method (6-7 times more effective than killing them on the ground) because of the complete visibility. Of course, this is a much more expensive method.

There is also the option of hunting with hunting dogs. Hunting dogs will definitely track them down. If you use trained hunting dogs run by a dog handler, you can achieve excellent results. This method carries risks because you will get in close contact with feral South Carolina hog sthat can respond with defensive aggression. Killing feral hogs may seem to be an extreme measure, but it may be necessary if they have invaded your property and are causing significant damage to your landscaping. Try out one or more methods above in order to quickly kill the hogs and reclaim your yard. If you are not comfortable with killing the animals on your own or you are having a difficult time with it, you can call a wildlife removal specialist. They will have the experience, knowledge, and tools necessary to eradicate all feral Myrtle Beach hogs from your property. They can also give you advice to keep the hogs from coming back.

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